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Wash ([personal profile] dino_zarf) wrote2013-10-01 12:44 am

Ataraxion Memory Plot


Wash is generally a fairly content person. But this is punctuated with bouts of worrying, especially on Tranquility.

Also new to Tranquility is missing Zoe very very much, which is likely to intrude fairly regularly on his emotions.


- Seeing Zoe for the first time
- Marrying Zoe (Mal was all sorts of not present)
- Being on septic vac for a month after Mal found out about the wedding
- Pulling a Crazy Ivan against a bunch of Reavers
- Smuggling cows. Suggesting they smuggle beagles instead next time.
- Being tortured by Niska
- Discussing with Zoe whether they should have a baby
- Cockpit sex

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