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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Yubsie
AGE: 30
PLAYER JOURNAL: [personal profile] yubsie
TIMEZONE: Atlantic Time
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] yubsie

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Hoban "Wash" Washburne
CANON: Firefly
POINT IN CANON: post-series, pre-movie (or as I like to call it "not on the end of a harpoon")
AGE: 30s
APPEARANCE: Kinda like this Wash is not the most stunning physical specimen, though he does have impressive arms. He is actually taller than Zoe, but as he tends to slouch, he appears to be shorter in most circumstances. He has tousled blond hair and blue eyes. He usually wears obnoxious Hawaiian shirts over his jumpsuits.
CANON HISTORY: Have a wiki link

CANON PERSONALITY: When we are first introduced to Wash, he is sitting on the bridge playing with toy dinosaurs. However, as soon as alarms begin going off, he immediately focuses on the task at hand, albeit with a bit of cussing in Chinese. This provides a rather good introduction to a character who is generally a very easy going, somewhat goofy guy who can nonetheless focus quickly when the situation requires it. In particular, when faced with a particularly tricky bit of flying, he becomes almost eerily calm. At least most of the time. (Eventually Alan Tudyk got an Xbox...)

Wash would generally prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible. He's always eager to suggest a solution that doesn't involve violence. He's usually the first to suggest running as an alternative to standing and fighting. That does not, however, mean that he never stands his ground. He has been known to take up a pistol to protect those he cares about. He'd just prefer they explore alternate approaches before they blow their problems up. He is often a calming influence when debates among the crew get feisty.

Much to Mal's consternation, Wash is incredibly devoted to his wife Zoe. To the point that he was able to resist Saffron's advances despite her considerable training in seduction. Being separated from Zoe tends to make him rather moody, even morose. Which could get interesting depending on how plot roles fall during Jaunts.

While his devotion is admirable, it does on occasion cause tension with Mal. He has, at this point, mostly worked through this conflict, but if faced with a choice between obeying an order and Zoe's well being, you'd better believe there will be some insubordination. While many of his childlike qualities are quite endearing, they do come with a certain amount of petulance and a tendency to sulk.

He always worries about Zoe when she’s out on the job. Which, considering the nature of their work, is somewhat justified. This tendency to worry does extend well beyond just Zoe to the rest of the crew. He's already worrying, it's not like it's a lot of trouble to worry about some extra people. He is, perhaps, not the best suited to the life the crew leads. With his skills, he could easily go elsewhere. But he is so very in love with Zoe that he'll do all manner of stupid things just to be near her.

Wash is generally a people person. He's not the most outgoing of the crew (hi Kaylee), but his laid back attitude and ready humour put him right up there. He generally gets along with everyone and tries to make friends. He also would have made an awesome dad if Joss Whedon didn't hate happiness. Ahem.

Related to that, Wash is quite talkative. This only intensifies under stress. He's the sort of person who figures that if he just keeps babbling long enough maybe the solution will come out of his mouth. He tends to think out loud, so sometimes it does. “Just keep talking” has proven to be a fairly effective technique while under Alliance interrogation. Turns out officers don't know how to react to a guy going on about how hot his wife is.

ABILITIES: Wash is an incredibly skilled pilot, capable of pulling a Crazy Ivan in a cargo vessel. He is also a decent mechanic, working with Kaylee to keep the ship working properly. While he does not consider himself a fighter, he is competent with a pistol when he does find himself in a combat situation. He also can be eerily calm in the midst of chaos (except when he's not...). And he is very good at carrying.

INVENTORY; A jumpsuit, a truly obnoxious Hawaiian shirt and a pair of plastic dinosaurs
ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? Not that I can think of

S A M P L E S;
ACTIONSPAM SAMPLE: Previous game post and threads
PROSE SAMPLE: Based on Test Drive Sample 33

Wash was really starting to think he could do with some dull predictability. The first place that definitely wasn't Serenity had been strange. Somehow this place was even stranger though, even if it was nice for things to actually stick around when he took his eyes off them now.

One thing was for sure, he was never looking at Simon and all his fancy schooling the same way again. Flight school was one thing, but apparently universities were just vicious. He definitely wasn't prepared this library being quite this much like the sort of place they tended to end up back home.

Somehow, he'd always imagined a lot fewer bombs at universities. Call him crazy, but this was the first he'd heard of academics being quite this deadly.

He's supposed to be meeting up with the engineers. Offering his help with the whole moving explosives around without them exploding bit. And that would be a lot easier if it weren't for these gorram snipers popping in to say hello now and then. It was no way to make friends.

He's almost ready to make a break for it when a bullet strikes a few meters ahead. "Aiya!" He's been in firefights before but he really didn't like them at all. Especially not when there's no way for him to shoot back and maybe put a stop to the fighting. He had never realized just how many reasons he hated snipers for until this very minute. How did Zoe and Mal even manage this sort fo thing during the war?

A student suddenly approaches from behind, causing him to jump slightly. Really making a case for being able to move explosives around without a considerable amount of boom. But he finds the calm quickly enough. It's not like flying, but he needs it right now. "We'll have to find another way around. Too many eyes on this one, and our cargo's too good a target."

They'll figure this out yet.