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Wash ([personal profile] dino_zarf) wrote2033-01-17 01:45 am

Activity: Synodiporia



Liminal: I feel so close
Baby snuggles Zoe Washburne
Showing Liminal Space the baby Feliciano Vargas/North Italy, Eliza Hamilton, River Tam, Alexander Hamilton, Hal Jordan

Psychic: Too many troops Alcuin no Delauney

Code of Dishonor: Battle Without Honor
Getting out of Dodge Zoe, Empress

Psychic: Travel Times Jules Thibault

Psychic Post: Look at his baby! Souji Seta, Jules Thibault, Kanji Tatsumi, Feliciano Vargas/North Italy, Byerly Vorrutyer, Varric Tethras

Code of Dishonor: Water can flow
Auspicious weather Rosalie Chou
Delivering a baby Zoe Washburne, Empress

Psychic: Why so much murder? Jean Kirstein

Code of Dishonor: War Paint
The midwife's apprentice Zoe Washburne


Psychic: Anyone seen his wife? Kanji Tatsumi, Alcuin no Delauney

Code of Dishonour: Start
He has what now? Istas
Ninja Road Trip Byerly Vorrutyer, Feliciano Vargas/North Italy

Liminal: Intro Log
Trumps vs Guardians Hal Jordan
Wash's startle reflex Kazuma Kenzaki
It got weirder Zoe Washburne, River Tam
More crashing Feliciano Vargas/North Italy

Liminal: Return from Space
Well he did offer to babysit Phillip Santorini
Apples Genevieve Blanchard/Monaco
Normal pumpkins Gale of the Embryon Tribe
Ambrose is always enjoying himself Ambrose Langwe


Escape from Junkworld: Other Side
Stranger and stranger Souji Okita

Escape from Junkworld: Corona Crisis
That we fools no one Zoe Washburne

Escape from Junkworld: Tearing through the evening
Repairman and errand boy Hajime Aikawa, Near, Gale of the Embryon Tribe

Escape from Jukworld: Morning Light
Blundering through Cassandra the Dust Eater
Sure didn't mean to be here Ambrose Langwe


Escape from Junkworld: Welcome to Gehenna
At least it's not werewolves Zoe Washburne, Ambrose Langwe, Asraanda Adaar

Liminal Space: Intro Mingle
Mr... Sparkles... Zed
Pamphlets are new Alexander Hamilton

Liminal Space: Prom
Dance, Dance, wherever you may be River Tam, Leonardo DaVinci
Spinning skeletons Maria Ushiromiya
Oh he'd show off too Ambrose Langwe
He's here to dance with his wife Zoe Washburne
Meeting Zoe's People Genevieve Blanchard/Monaco, Zoe Washburne

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