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[ This thing is brought to you from Jean and Korra's room. Weirdly enough she's standing in the middle-ish of the room instead of sitting somewhere.]

... Is it new arrivals time? Or did we just get a nice, new Liminal Space, that I honestly wasn't expecting to be like this for... whatever reason they might have for giving us this? Not that new arrivals always get nice things.

[ No really, is this supposed to say what the next jaunt is going to be like? Because Korra is one of those people, who totally expect it to be something bad after fun trip to America. Not that this would the first time when Liminal time is a space or more longer than usual but maybe it's not. Huh, guess it's just a thing to find out eventually. Unless the horrible thing about next location is that it might be Empress vs. Emperor, because that'd be heartbreaking. Okay, time to get to the real point of this post...! ]

That's surprisingly not what I came here to talk about! [But it can be talked about here too, while she lets those thoughts slip on this too. Anyway, Korra grins.] Hi, if you are new here or if we haven't met before even if you're not new, my name's Korra. So, I probably should have done one of these sooner and maybe I should make these once in a while to let all of you know about my best non-human friend from home, who has been here for a while now...

[you know, because that'd probably be good unless she always has time to go around Liminal... And whatever Korra is about to say next, it gets interrupted by this on screen for everyone to see. One moment later she's holding the dog's face next to hers and the dog is also looking at Jean anyone watching this with a friendly, curious look on her face.]

Naga is a polar bear dog -- yes, that is its own species back in my home world, where most species seem to be a combination of two -- but despite her looks, she is the most friendly polar bear dog ever. If you happen to run into her, she loves cuddling, petting, scratching, all kind of cute physical affection that --

[She is getting interrupted by Naga again when the dog suddenly licks her face before backing off ... Korra is not even trying to stop her, when Naga suddenly jumps on two paws and tackles the girl to the floor.]

Obviously means things like kissing, hugging and tackling too. So yeah, real danger here. ...No but seriously, if she is walking around without me because that happens sometimes, she certainly won't mind if you want to pet her. Aaaaand we offer polar bear dog rides and sledding too whenever there's enough space for those. Or you know, if anyone there, new or not, wants to see us less accidentally, that can be easily arranged too.

[This is getting kind of long and what else should she say? Anyone can ask anything about the dog once this is done anyway, so... Korra gives her dog a kiss and then seems to be whispering something to her. Naga looks at her, cuddles a little more and then her attention suddenly goes to Jean. Or their audience, they are still here and anyone can see the dog suddenly rushing to kiss his face too. Because of course it ends like that when they're doing this.]

[ part two ]
[ . . . . Except they return later with a small, fluffy puppy on the screen, who looks very happy and excited while Korra is laughing way too much right now.]

Or she could eat so much ice cream, that somehow she ended up being really small for now. I guess she can stay this way until this change lasts and I'll just try to keep in mind that she's not very easy to find whenever she goes somewhere right now. ...So, if you see this puppy around? Still her, still seems to be herself too except the size.

July Activity Check

Jul. 25th, 2017 03:50 pm
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Welcome to the Activity Check for Synodiporia! Standard Activity consists of the following:
A total of thirty comments in two or more comment threads.
All of your comments must have been made in the current AC period, but the thread itself could have been started at any time in the last sixty days. At least one thread submitted for activity needs to have been started within the current activity period.

Backtagging is fine with us (and we most definitely encourage it!), but we do want you to be involved in current events! Using more than one thread within the same post is acceptable, but if you have more than thirty comments in one single thread, you still need a separate thread. If you made the initial post, it may count as one comment towards the total thread length.

To gain a skill, you must turn in
A total of forty-five comments in three or more comment threads.
For jaunt skills, at least one of these should mention the character’s interest in or practice of the skill in question (this is not required for Liminal, Telepathic Network, or Combo skills). Telepathic Network Skills are listed here, Liminal Skills are listed here, and Combo Skills are listed here.

To gain two skills, you must turn in
A total of sixty comments in three or more comment threads.
And one of the following prerequisites must be met:
● The character is in a plot-important role for the current Jaunt.
● At least one skill is a Favor skill, i.e., a skill given to a character by one of the Arcana.
● At least one skill is a character-taught skill of any type.
As above, the thread proof should mention the character’s interest in or practice of the skill in question (though this is not required for Liminal Telepathic Network, or Combo skills). Telepathic Network Skills are listed here, Liminal Skills are listed here, and Combo Skills are listed here. For more information on Skill AC, see here.

If you made standard activity, please comment using the correct character journal under the top-level thread labeled JULY ● Standard AC. If you made single or double skill activity, comment using the correct character journal under the top-level thread labeled JULY ● Skill AC. The AC and Skill mods will do all the rest!

Characters with Standard Activity
Characters gaining a skill

Please note that AC is due no later than JULY 31ST at 11:59PM CST.

If you have not made AC, report under the the Standard AC thread with the word ❝ hiatus ❞. If you are reporting hiatus for the second month running, contact the mods to avoid being idled into a dungeon dimension. For more information regarding the activity policies here at Synodiporia, please read through the Activity Policies page.

Characters who were just accepted on the 23rd may take a pass on July's activity. If you earn Standard or even Skill AC, you're more than welcome to submit it, but we're fully aware 30 comments is a lot of work to do in a week! Please report your pass under the Standard AC header.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave them in the appropriate thread located here and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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You know what you guys needed? One order of fresh meat, that's what.

'Sup, guys, I'm Jove, I'm brand spanking new! It's good to be here! And coming in with me is Daniel Cross from some serious about history and stabbing people-- oops, I mean, Assassin's Creed.

For those unfamiliar, Daniel originates from the lesser-known side comics in particular, and he's pretty much responsible for almost everything going to shit in the Assassin's Creed universe, especially for the Assassins. Once an Assassin, now a high-ranking Templar, Daniel will be dropping in pretty much right when he dies. Make no mistake, while he won't be outright rude (even agreeable at first) he is absolutely not a nice person for the most part. He's antagonistic to the core, not at all bothered by being offensive as all get out, manipulative, cold, cruel, violent, and a highly trained combatant. He's also extremely mentally unstable thanks to a little something called the Bleeding Effect.

That said, I'm not kidding about him being offensive. It's not just swearing. It can and will get personal, if Daniel feels it will give him an advantage. Here's a permissions post everyone can hit up if they want to let me know if there's topics they'd rather I avoid.

Contact-wise, I'm on discord at jove#9767 and [plurk.com profile] shotguns. I'm looking forward to playing with everyone!

+1 alien archaeologist

Jul. 24th, 2017 08:25 pm
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Hey, Synners!

This is PG, player of Princess Allura, bringing in another alien.

Meet Liara T'Soni from Mass Effect, telekinetic alien archaeologist turned information broker. She's an old hand at Traveling - she's a Moebius veteran, and was in the game for the Grid up through the end of the Escape from Junkworld Jaunt, and again from Villains and Vigilantes on through to the Haunted Isle Jaunt. She'll still recognize the people she met previously, and I'm always happy to hash out off-camera CR with other Moebius vets and/or characters who've been apped in as veterans of the Jaunts she's been on.

She's on Team Emperor, and I'm looking forward to tossing her at other Emperor-marked folks.

+1 knight

Jul. 24th, 2017 10:14 am
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Hey everyone! This is Cheshire, returning with a new character: Ace, from Heart no Kuni no Alice! Actually, I've played him here before, a long time ago. (Marches of Purgatory, anyone?)

He's a generally cheerful kind of guy who happens to be, to quote someone from a different game long ago, "a killmonger midboss with almost total lack of affect." So he's not exactly a good person but he's generally nice, mostly. Ace won't be super happy to be back on Syn but sucks to be him!

He'll be joining Chariot, which I didn't really expect so I'm excited to see how they get on. Hello, fellow Chariots! :D

A returnee

Jul. 24th, 2017 01:03 pm
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Well what do you know, I'm back again. [At least the network seemed to be working like always. How he missed the strange voices inside his head.... except not really. He heard those enough when he got drunk enough.]

I'm Qrow. I was around for Moebius, but then the lovely hosts stuck me in a dungeon. I've heard it's been a pretty long while since then. Anyone care to fill me in on the most important blanks? If you're not comfortable in talking over here, we can always meet up.

[He pauses, before adding the most important thing he had in mind for this network call out.]

Most important one of them being my pocket flask. I need a damn drink.

+1 awful alien shit

Jul. 24th, 2017 12:13 am
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Fitting that a guy obsessed with the number two should be my second character. Pardon my dust as i redo Psii's journal, but please note i have a post for opting-out of his eccentric text formatting and me typing out his lisp in dialogue, as well as a general opt-out post if you don't want to play with a character who has an entire laundry list of content warnings, such as: casual violence, slavery, physical and mental abuse, sex jokes, bathroom humor, mind control (mention of), suicidal ideation, and an inaccurate representation of bipolar disorder (he's a different species as well as a grossly overextended duality metaphor, so YMMV).

For opt-ins, Psii sometimes has visions that prophesy bleak outcomes like death. He hears the psychic screams of the soon-to-be-deceased at all other times. Unless we plot something, I will assume Psii has NOT had clear enough premonitions about your character's death to identify them. If you know how you want your character to die and would like Psii to be in on it before their time comes, feel free to let me know via dreamwidth or on plurk at [plurk.com profile] misosoupaddict. Cheers!

cheers, luv, the cavalry's queer!

Jul. 24th, 2017 04:30 pm
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Hi! I am fresh, brand new meat that was enabled named Kira and I am now here, after months of trying to figure out who to drag into this place, with Lena Oxton AKA Tracer! Feel free to be gentle with me because I'm still learning my way around and how everything works.

For those that are canon blind, Tracer here is a former agent of a badass group known as Overwatch that would go around the world and help put an end to wars. Naturally, though, people saw them as a threat and weakness to some countries and they got shut down. She also has a condition known as chronal disassociation which means she can basically disappear somewhere, uncontrollably, at a blink and get lost for days, weeks, months annnnd you probably get the point. Because of this, she has to wear a chronal accelerator just about 24-7 unless it's close to her. (Altho, this might change depending on her power capping, maybe?? ~a mystery~.)

ANYWAY. It's nice to be here and I hope to have lots of fun here! I have plurk so you can add me there; [plurk.com profile] lymlemuris and also a discord which people can PM if they want it.

+1 spymaster trashfire

Jul. 23rd, 2017 11:16 pm
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Hey, so, this is bii (mod with a speciality in liminal space and player of Thorne, smol Maria, and Chie) and I’ve brought back one of our visitors from the fourth wall last year as an actual character. His name is Anafiel Delaunay and he’s from the book Kushiel’s Dart. Longer term players might notice that he’s got the same surname (sans the nó) that Alcuin has and there’s a very good reason for that: he’s Alcuin’s liege lord and mentor. Basically, the Batman to Alcuin’s Robin if Batman and Robin were quasi-medieval spies instead of superheroes. (In this metaphor, Batgirl saved Angel France after they were assassinated.) And people who were in Thorne’s second dungeon might recognize his icon, because a cognitive version of him was an NPC there.

Actually, it was that dungeon that made me realize how much I wanted to play the real him again and so here we are. He’s on team Devil by the way.

Delaunay is the mentor figure of Phedre, the heroine and narrator of first Kushiel trilogy (and the Batgirl in the above analogy), so of course he gets killed off midway through the first book. Phedre views him as being very wise and cunning and on top of it all, but about ten years after Kushiel’s Dart was originally published, Jacqueline Carey wrote a prequel short-story called Yours, and Yours Alone in which Delaunay was revealed to be a lot more human of a figure than Phedre saw him, who makes a lot of bad life choices and to his credit, at least recognizes all the many ways he fucked up.

Anyway, because of his avocation (spymaster) and bad life choices, Anafiel has done some problematic things in his life, so I’ve got an opt-out post for him tagging out at people. I don’t want to make that stuff the focal point of his character—I’d much rather concentrate on his being tricky and his propensity for making rash decisions that later bite him in the ass—and I won’t bring it up unless it’s with close CR or canonmates, but at the same time it’s stuff he did and I won’t blame people if they don’t want his tags.

Otherwise, you can plot with me at [plurk.com profile] obiisama.

+ one drunken old man

Jul. 24th, 2017 08:38 am
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Hello! This is AL, the player of Jean Kirstein ([personal profile] rustyhonesty). I'm here with a new character, who's an adult this time.

Qrow Branwen is from the series called RWBY. He's the uncle of two of the main characters and always drunk. He's very cynical, blunt and coarse... but also very childish and sort a womanizer. He carries around a pocket flask and he can also turn into a crow. Caw caw.

IMPORTANT: He has an ability that causes Misfortune to happen around him, so I have made a opt-in/-out post on his journal you can use to tell me how bad you want it to be (if you want it).

You can read more on him on his application.

In game wise, he's a Moebius veteran, so any CR from back then would be lovely! He sort of disappeared right after Moebius... he's also on Team Hermit the Dog.

Anyone who would have liked to be his handwaved dungeon of misfortune hilarities, please give me a poke! My plurk is [plurk.com profile] chitokuraken.

+1 awful person

Jul. 24th, 2017 01:20 am
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I mean what.

Hey, this is Matt (not the mod) with my third character, Naoya from Devil Survivor. He's... uh. He's a special one. Very long lived, long memory, knows way too much, could summon demons but can't connect to the server here, hacker, troll, and questionably the antagonist of the game?

Depends on your route and your point of view.

In any case I'm here to do all the awful things. Hit me up on Discord or Plurk if you want to plan.

I'd say I'm sorry but I'm only kind of sorry.

+1 plurk change

Jul. 23rd, 2017 11:49 am
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Hello all, this is Holmes. The keeper of jerkhead muses!

I've recently changed my plurk handle. It was rather sudden, but some things went down, and I wanted a fresh start. I've already sent out the friend requests to casties as well as people who let me know they wanted to be moved over.

If I missed you then please go punch [plurk.com profile] whisperstars in the friend request button and I'll add you!
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Hey folks, Ambrose here. I know the other day Elphaba was asking after magic users to learn stuff from, but I was wondering... does anyone else want to learn magic? Who's willing to teach it? Maybe we should get together and do a big ol'... workshop? Exhibition? One of those things.

[ look he's been in the champagne a bit, it happens. ]

Basically everyone who is okay with teaching their particular stripe of magic can show what it's capable of, and anyone who wants to learn can shop around. We did this once a while ago, sorta, but I think it's time we do it again.

Canon Update PSA

Jul. 18th, 2017 12:54 am
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During this Liminal, the Doctor will be Canon Updating to post-"Lie of the Land" (S10E08).  He will be doing this via a dungeon that takes place "three-months prior" to "Lie of the Land".

So, I need to know two things:
1) will major spoilers for this episode be an issue for you OOC (I'll try to mitigate it in top-levels and threads as appropriate).

2) would your character be interested participating in a dungeon rescue?  (I'm still debating on a final number, so RNG may be used depending on how many people are interested and how many characters I want involved in the rescue.)

Some Important Follow-Up

Jul. 17th, 2017 06:16 pm
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Excuse me. If everyone who went to Santa Carlita has a moment?

[Dakki pauses briefly to give people a chance to pay attention. That's how this is done, right?]

I've followed up with Tachibana, and it turns out that he put a tracking device on something that belonged to me. It's gone now, but apparently, the agents are now on the lookout for interdimensional aliens, not just ones from other planets.

I should have been more cautious. I'm sorry. Could the other agents confirm if they've planted anything, too, before I go and get everyone shaking themselves down for bugs?

...and that said, now that we're all back to ourselves, I'm very curious... did the 'aliens' pose any actual threat? What was that all even about? I'm not impressed with a government whose first reaction to extraterrestrial life is to panic and try to lock it up. That can't be the entire story, can it?


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