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May. 26th, 2017 12:20 am
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[A few days into the Liminal, Jean has a question to make.]

Is there anyone who could help me learn how to make created spaces permanent? I've created a stable for my Spirit Animal to stay in, and it would be great if I could make them permanent, in case she's left behind while I'm on a jaunt...

That said, anyone who has a horse, or other animals who like staying in stables, you're welcome to house yours there. There are several stalls and I make sure there's enough hay and water around. Guaranteed daily cleaning as well, or else Captain Levi will have my head...

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May. 24th, 2017 07:22 pm
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Ah... hey everyone, it's Ambrose. I was Milo for a while there but I'm back to being me and one hundred percent less tree-like. So, I've gotta ask do we uh. I mean, some other folks've gotta be wondering too so--

[ a slight pause, then in a rush: ]

What's the least harmful way we can test for immortality? Cuz I wouldn't put it past the Arcana to leave people stuck with that.

[ he's totally not asking for a friend, okay. ]

Speaking of Arcana: I'd like to meet with all the folks who've been Marked by the Fool - he calls himself Don Orlea - so maybe we can coordinate or. Something. Dunno if we want to do it all together or what but either way, I'll provide snacks.

That sure happened

May. 24th, 2017 03:10 pm
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[She's given some manner of thought to what transpired. While she understands her overlay's actions quite well, there is one thing that stands out from all of it.]

Did I truly start lecturing gods?

[Overlay or not. She's pretty sure she did.]

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May. 24th, 2017 12:35 am
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[The broadcast starts with just wordless crying. But eventually some words make it through in the screaming as well. Or more specifically... one word.]


[Even for those who can't perceive tone over the network, it should be pretty clear that this can only be little Rose. Eventually an adult voice joins in.]

Sorry... Zoe... we can't find her. I don't think she's still... I thought it was just my overlay but now neither of us can find her on the network. I don't want to cut Rose off when it's her only way to talk to me.
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(For a second, there's a certain gathering tension in the network. Both bewilderment and fear. It comes to a head in a single, piercing telepathic cry, not quite a scream, over the network.)

Oh my GOD, what did I DO!?

Oh my god I nearly killed Hebe! Is - was Hebe one of ours?! Was Atlas? Athena? Nike?! Kallias!? The manticore!? Doctor whatsisname was definitely one of ours but I just -

Oh god oh god please tell me I didn't kill any of ours.

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May. 23rd, 2017 11:22 pm
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Now that I can have everyone's attention, a little good news.

Since Jules and I both needed the occasional break from the Bronze Age, I'm proud to announce Liminal Intranet is now up and running. Even I'm not good enough to hook it up to proper Internet, as that would involve punching dimensional holes that are probably beyond our reach, but it should at least be a boon to Project Infopool.

Servers are in my rooms, so they won't be going anywhere even if I do. You'll have to provide your own computers, though.

May Activity Check!

May. 22nd, 2017 11:08 pm
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Welcome to the Activity Check for Synodiporia! Standard Activity consists of the following:
A total of thirty comments in two or more comment threads.
All of your comments must have been made in the current AC period, but the thread itself could have been started at any time in the last sixty days. At least one thread submitted for activity needs to have been started within the current activity period.

Backtagging is fine with us (and we most definitely encourage it!), but we do want you to be involved in current events! Using more than one thread within the same post is acceptable, but if you have more than thirty comments in one single thread, you still need a separate thread. If you made the initial post, it may count as one comment towards the total thread length.

To gain a skill, you must turn in
A total of forty-five comments in three or more comment threads.
For jaunt skills, at least one of these should mention the character’s interest in or practice of the skill in question (this is not required for Liminal, Telepathic Network, or Combo skills). Telepathic Network Skills are listed here, Liminal Skills are listed here, and Combo Skills are listed here.

To gain two skills, you must turn in
A total of sixty comments in three or more comment threads.
And one of the following prerequisites must be met:
● The character is in a plot-important role for the current Jaunt.
● At least one skill is a Favor skill, i.e., a skill given to a character by one of the Arcana.
● At least one skill is a character-taught skill of any type.
As above, the thread proof should mention the character’s interest in or practice of the skill in question (though this is not required for Liminal Telepathic Network, or Combo skills). Telepathic Network Skills are listed here, Liminal Skills are listed here, and Combo Skills are listed here. For more information on Skill AC, see here.

If you made standard activity, please comment using the correct character journal under the top-level thread labeled MAY ● Standard AC. If you made single or double skill activity, comment using the correct character journal under the top-level thread labeled MAY ● Skill AC. The AC and Skill mods will do all the rest!

Characters with Standard Activity
Characters gaining a skill

Please note that AC is due no later than MAY 31ST at 11:59PM CST.

If you have not made AC, report under the the Standard AC thread with the word ❝ hiatus ❞. If you are reporting hiatus for the second month running, contact the mods to avoid being idled into a dungeon dimension. For more information regarding the activity policies here at Synodiporia, please read through the Activity Policies page.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave them in the appropriate thread located here and we'll get back to you ASAP.

SOTG Follow-Up

May. 22nd, 2017 09:54 pm
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Thank you all for your input on our last State of the Game on the topics of jaunt disconnect and defusing OOC tensions. This has been a complex discussion, in some aspects nearly since the game’s early days, and as such attempts to course-correct sometimes work and sometimes don’t. This past jaunt in particular seems to have been a perfect storm of trying several things that didn’t work out very well, in combination leading to a tense slog of a jaunt rather than the Pretendy Funtimes we’re here for.

That said, these are the big take-aways from the discussion that we’re going to try to keep in mind going forward, in the hopes of cutting down on disconnect and preventing future jaunts from getting as disheartening as Olympus was:
herein is a list of incorporated suggestions )
There were several other points and discussions raised on the SotG that may prove helpful, but those will require further mod discussion before we attempt to fold them into our arsenal, as well as possibly being put up to a playerbase-wide vote. We’ll be discussing them in our mod-meeting on Wednesday night, & you’ll hear more before the next Jaunt begins.

Thank you, from the bottom of our vile black plotty hearts, for being the kind of playerbase that’s willing to give us feedback, and patience enough while we try to implement it.

Test Drive #19

May. 22nd, 2017 02:00 pm
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Welcome to the Synodiporia Test Drive Meme! Below the cuts there are two new prompts, and here are the prompts from previous test-drives, which you’re still welcome to use in this post. When you comment, be sure you specify what prompt you want to play with, and please put up your own threadstarter—it makes for a much more friendly environment that a forest of bare toplevels! OCs are especially welcome! Please take a quick look at our Directory & familiarize yourself with the concept and setting of the game before you jump in.

Our upcoming app round runs May 24th–June 1st. Our next Jaunt is Showtime!, a 1980s rock-and-roll romp with a light sci-fi element that features, among other things: rival bands with secrets to hide, shadowy government agents in pursuit of an uncanny fugitive, and at least one alien who’s lost their ability to phone home.

Prompt #50 features an explosive liminal space, where getting to close to the flames has consequences.
Prompt #51 takes place in the world from our upcoming Jaunt and features a warm summer night at the Santa Carlita Beach Boardwalk.
Prompt #52 takes place in the world of the Lightning Age: a alternate universe steampunk setting in which the colonial empires that ruled the world in its equivalent of the 19th century are the opposite of the ones from our own.


Read more... )


Read more... )


Read more... )
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Ahead of tonight's new mingle, currently in progress, a couple of notes:

*The walkabout accompanying the next jaunt will be Escape from Junkworld: Shopping Trip. Details for it will roll out alongside the jaunt info for Showtime.

*Thank you all for your input and feedback on the tough questions posed in the last State of the Game. We're still sifting through it all and working on coming up with courses of action we as mods can take to prevent this perfect storm of disasters from piling on top of our heads again in the future. A follow-up post to that effect will go up in the near future, likely this weekend.

After listening to concerns about Immortal Ichor & a desire for abilities less extensive and not granted by items, we're adding a skill. We know it's late in the Jaunt to do so, but hopefully it's a more easily attainable option. Players seeking lesser mythic powers, without the troubles of immortality, may seek a patron’s blessing.

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May. 17th, 2017 03:20 pm
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If I may have folks attention...

I understand many of us are caught up in this battle of Chariot vs. Tower and are desperately wishing to see the Titans win. Perhaps this is for the best, perhaps not. I could not say. However - and I know this is ironic considering how I am currently embroiled in this - I would like to call to attention the fact that one of their co-conspirators may be one of the lesser pantheon herself. Furthermore, that she has attempted to establish her own temple even before this conspiracy has reached its logical conclusion makes me wonder as to where her true loyalties lie. I would therefore appreciate somebody putting my mind at ease as to whether or not the Titans should be placing such reliance on Hebe, especially if she is, as has been suggested, the reason behind the clouding of the Gods' minds. Do the Titans even know of her orders to have a temple established in her name? Why would she be so willing to turn her back on her own compatriots - and does that mean she would be willing to do the same to her new compatriots given the opportunity?

I am simply asking questions. Feel free to provide evidence to reassure me that we should not consider this as a possible complication. Thank you.

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May. 16th, 2017 10:19 pm
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So, now that everything is going to hades in a handbasket... can I get out of Liminal and maybe save some lives?

Nobody deserves to be put in some eternal oblivion or shut away in Tartarus, not even the Olympians. Which, okay yeah I'm biased here because hey family, but...

Would you let any of this happen to some other group of people if they weren't gods?

Is it okay to send someone, human or not, to somewhere I can personally say is worse than Mobieus ever was? I've been to Tartarus, it's...

[There's a long pause, because it's something Percy personally tries to avoid thinking about.]

I'd rather deal with Mobieus again, in all honesty.

But, maybe if we're lucky we can convince the Titans to just... exile the Olympian gods to Rome? Or whatever Rome is right now, I'm not sure it's really a thing yet.... just. Nobody deserves what's been done to them.
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in which shit gets real )
Next week: Prometheus pulls out his ace in the hole, and on the provision that remaining Olympian hostages are entrusted to a neutral party, Nike agrees: A summit will be held in Thebes on the night of the new moon, in order for all the gods and Titans still active to determine the best path forward. Actions taken or not taken during the summit will determine who wins - both in the Achaian conflict and in the Arcana's game.


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