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Jaunt Information

Escape from Junkworld: Shopping Trip

Wash will be taking advantage of his Royal Treatment to purchase a ship that he'll crew with other investigators and maybe some infiltrators that he's trying to keep an eye on. Mostly he's excited to get to fly again after over a year.

Skill Goals: ???

Olympus Upended

Plysi married a demigod several years ago. Tragically, he has since lost his wife, but not before they had a beautiful daughter Rhodanthe. As their little girl begins manifesting strange ablities, it is occurring to Plysi that he never found out who the divine parents was. Unfortunately, since everything became very dangerous, he never did find out. He prioritized keeping the baby alive.

Retained Skills: None

Howard "Wash" Washburne

Wash's daughter Rose was born during the spike of Pogemon appearances about a year ago. He soon found himself partnered to a large intimidating Mineral type Pogemon named Chrysoprase. Or at least, he claims to be Wash's partner. With how much he dotes on baby Rose, Wash suspects he's actually waiting for her to grow up enough to partner with her, and he's quite okay with that. When not fussing over his family, Wash fusses over other wayward children in his job as a social worker.

Retained Skills: None (sorry Rose, no troll)

The Haunted Isle

Investigating as a mermaid is certainly a new one. But at least Zoe and Rose are in a similar situation. Wash's mermaid totem is some sort of tropical fish granting him a tail that is quite reminiscent of his shirts. Upon learning that they're back in the same world as Bando, Wash's goal became to avoid having to deliver any babies.

Once they made contact with the Crownbreaker school, the Washburnes were quickly accepted due to the presence of their little fry. Wash was able to take Rose on playdates with Jaiden's army of seahorse babies. Rose was rather frustrated they couldn't hear her but did have fun playing with other babies.

As the Deep Song became more pervasive, Wash did his best to shield her using Psychic Protection. He was tempted to just ride things out in Liminal but realized that Rose's disappearance would likely cause a kerfuffle. He did however make sure to take her there to sleep at night and to keep Zoe from being distracted while hunting down the Deep Singer.

Retained Skills: None


Hoban is an expert tinkerer who is always coming up with new ways to use clockwork in day to day life. His wife Zoe is a member of the Council and they have a baby girl named Rose. He's created devices to keep her entertained while he works. His baby bouncer proved to be a particularly hot seller.

Upon learning that Zoe had been keeping the truth about the cicardian divide from him, Hoban was quite upset. But he chose to not give baby Rose the supplements when she weaned. She needs to be a part of January's future, not the past.

Retained Skills: Clockpunk tinkering

Villains and Vigilantes
Halden "Hal" Washburne

A few months ago, Hal came to adopt a baby girl who he named Rose. Within a matter of weeks, it became quite apparent that the baby was in fact Empowered with a variety of elemental shifting powers. He's started a blog for the antics of Super Baby. And has realized he's going to have to look into all this licensing and insurance stuff and oh God he's still trying to figure out this whole baby thing no one told him there would be super powers involved!

Hal contacted Professor M's School for Empowered Children for more information about dealing with the whole powers thing. He also came across Zoe, a rather distinctive looking Empowered woman with some measure of experience with babies like this. While trying to avoid too much hassle from Manticore Knights, Hal came across a low level artifact that granted him control over how comfortable clothing is.

Hal took baby Rose to see the Queen go by. All he expected to come of it was a glance and some pictures with help from a young girl. That was until Queen Gloriana (aka the Empress) took an interest and called them out of the crowd so she could hold Rose. Hal suddenly found himself discussing parenting strategies with the bloody King of England and wondering how exactly his life reached this point. Also Emperor mark.

Deciding that was quite enough excitement for a while, Hal opted to watch the Ring's inauguration from a family friendly coffee shop. Which proved to be a very good life choice.

Retained Skills: Empowered ability: The Wash Cycle (control over how comfortable clothing is), Emperor's Favor

Roman Holiday

Lavarus is a slave in a household perhaps best known for their stable of female gladiators. He, however, is more talented in the realm of baked goods. He fell for Zo, one of the gladiators. The relationship has recently resulted in a baby girl (Rosa). A situation Lavarus would be far more pleased with if there weren't mumblings that his owner is considering giving up the gladiator business.

Lavarus spent most of the Jaunt preparing food for various parties and worrying about being separated from Zo and Rosa. Ultimately Zed purchased the entire gladiator stable as well as Lavarus. He could scarcely believe such good fortune from their strange new owner but was overjoyed that his family would remain together. He still wished to be free of course, and didn't realize that that would come soon enough when Zed vanished like any Investigator.

Retained Skills: None

Code of Dishonor

Wash will be attempting to pass himself off as a midwife's apprentice to be present at the birth of his child. Also awkwardly trying to avoid getting stabbed. And maybe trying to learn to be the WORST NINJA EVER, because that would be funny.

Wash arrived in Nakamiyo and attempted to avoid getting drafted into the Mibugumi. After learning Zoe was in Suzuki Village, he embarked on an epic road trip north accompanied by Byerly who was trapped in weasel form. Along the way, the Cabbage Incident occurred, which they will never speak of.

Wash successfully convinced the village midwife (secretly the Empress) to take him on as an apprentice, spinning a tale of his village's midwife having contracted an unfortunate case of stabitis. He introduced himself to Zoe the Pirate Queen and assisted in delivering her baby. He managed to steal at least a little baby holding time.

The flaw in this plan became apparent when he had to keep the charade up for the remainder of the Jaunt, including delivering other babies. He also assisted with carrying when the village experienced some intense dragon tantrum related flooding. The midwife convinced Zoe to take them with her when she fled in light of LOTS OF IMPERIAL TROOPS.

Retained Skills: Midwifery. The obvious skill for the ninja jaunt.

Escape from Junkworld

Wash and Zoe managed to repair an Outrider and secure a berth in the flight from Gehenna. Once docked on the Corona, Wash helped with repairs anywhere he was allowed to. He attempted to distract Infiltrators from Liminal portals often through use of such brilliant tactics as "Look! A monkey!" After a radiation leak was detected, Wash helped evacuate everyone into Zoe's Liminal bunker where they rode out the rest of the Jaunt.

Retained Skills: None

Children of the Night

Wash spent most of the Jaunt following Zoe around like a puppy because he found the whole thing overwhelming. They fell in with a pack of werewolves in order to remain close to River, infiltrated as the werewolf Naida. Navigating vampire politics was a bit beyond Wash's skillset. They did, however, learn that they were expecting a healthy baby girl.

Retained Skills: None