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Birthdate:Apr 23
Full name: Hoban Washburne
Aliases: Wash. Please GOD call him Wash.
Canon from: Firefly
Canon type (movies/books, etc): Television Series
Age (approx if not sure): Mid thirties
Gender: Male
Link to picture of character (if possible):

Character history: Wash was born on one of the Core colonies. The planet was heavily polluted and Wash longed for more open space. Not to mention seeing those star things people were always going on about. In order to attain these dreams, Wash decided to enter flight school. In order to pay for tuition, Wash took a job at a fried food establishment. He was spectacularly bad at this endeavour, and was fired after an incident with an employee cap and a grease vat. Fortunately, he had already demonstrated considerable skill as a pilot and received a scholarship in order to complete his training.

While in flight school, he met a man who preferred to be addressed as Mr Universe. The two became friends, which would prove beneficial in the future (and doomy, but this is pre-Serenity Wash, so LALALA). Wash ultimately graduated second in his class, behind Mr Universe, who most likely hacked his grades.

During the Unification War, Wash’s skills naturally attracted the attention of the Alliance. However, he wasn’t comfortable with that idea, and sought out work in the civilian sector. Or at least he thought he did. It turned out that the civilian courier company he was working for had ties to the Independents. This led to him being shot down on his first outing, and spending the remainder of the war in a prisoner of war camp. While incarcerated, he entertained his fellow prisoners with shadow puppets.

After the war ended, Wash managed to find actual civilian work on the border worlds. Civilian, but not necessarily entirely legal. He moved from ship to ship, always looking for a crew where he really felt comfortable and earning glowing recommendations from every employer. Eventually he found a comfortable home on an aught three Firefly called Serenity. Part of the appeal came from the highly attractive first mate. Unfortunately, she didn’t like him.

Well, at least not at first. Eventually Zoe informed him that he was going to take her to dinner next time they were planetside. And that he was going to shave his moustache, as there was no way she was going to kiss that thing.

The pair opted to keep their relationship concealed from the captain, knowing full well that he was going to totally flip when he found out. Fortunately, Mal had zero conception of the fact that Zoe was in fact a woman and not Chewbacca, and they were able to conceal their relationship for quite some time. Even after Wash bought Zoe beads for her necklace and they eloped. Mal would probably be in the dark to this day if Wash hadn’t referred to Zoe as his wife in a fit of worry after she was shot on a job. Mal took this every bit as well as they expected.

Wash was on septic vac for the next year.

As if their lives weren’t complicated enough being not always successful smugglers, Serenity wound up picking up the Tam siblings, who are among the most wanted people in the Alliance. This led to many a zany adventure, close call and stunning display of piloting skill on Wash’s part. Wash continued to butt heads with Mal over Zoe through the course of this. Mundane things like insufficient vacation time and deadly serious things like Mal wanting Wash up on the bridge when Zoe was injured. That said, he still rigged up the big red button so Mal would be able to call everyone home when the miracle repairs for Serenity arrived.

Conflict with Mal came to a head when Zoe used Mal to cover her own lack of confidence in Wash’s notions for the loot from a successful heist. In a stunningly mature move, Wash tampered with the launch controls so they couldn’t leave for the job without his interference. The argument ended with Wash going on what should have been a simple job in Zoe’s place. On this job, Wash learned about carrying and scary. Mal and Wash got snatched by men working for Adelai Niska, who was angry about them backing out on a job earlier and kicking his lieutenant into the engine.

Naturally, Mal and Wash opted to spend their torture time arguing about Zoe. This was most likely an effort by Mal to keep Wash conscious. This is how Wash learned that Zoe married him in violation of orders. Zoe arrived to buy them back. Niska, being a sadistic villain, attempted to force her into a sadistic villain choice by only allowing one. Zoe wasn’t going to have any of that nonsense, and chose Wash before Niska was able to finish his villain speech. As soon as they made it back to Serenity, Wash decided they had to go rescue Mal. After the successful mission, Wash was rewarded with wife soup, as he did good.

It was also around this time that Zoe began to bring up the idea of having a baby. Wash was reluctant due to the dangerous lives they led, but Zoe was slowly wearing him down.
Wash is being brought into Glaxcin BEFORE the beginning of Serenity.

Character personality: Wash is generally a rather easy going, frankly goofy guy. He plays with dinosaurs on the bridge during boring watches and cracks jokes at every opportunity. However, he is able to focus almost instantaneously when a crisis arises. When faced with a particularly intense bit of flying, Wash becomes eerily calm.

Wash is incredibly devoted to his wife Zoe, much to Mal’s consternation. He always worries about her when she’s out on the job. Which, considering the nature of their work, is somewhat justified. He has, at this point, mostly worked through his conflicts with Mal over Zoe.

Physical description: Wash is not the most stunning physical specimen, though he does have impressive arms. He is actually taller than Zoe, but as he tends to slouch, he appears to be shorter in most circumstances. He has tousled blond hair and blue eyes. He usually wears obnoxious Hawaiian shirts over his jumpsuits.

Magical powers or special skills: N/A

Any crimes committed in canon: Smuggling, harbouring fugitives, theft, breaking and entering, assault, more smuggling, dangerous flying, murder, even more smuggling

Crime incarcerated into Glaxcin for (this can be any crime of your choosing, especially if the character is not a criminal in their canon): Smuggling
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